Tondeuse sans-fil 40V

LM G40A – GR40

  • Batterie 40V/4A et chargeur rapide
  • Moteur “Brushless” durable et performant
  • Largeur de coupe 40cm
  • Poignée ergonomique
  • Hauteur de coupe réglable, via levier central, de 25 à 75mm
  • Peignes avants et latéraux
  • Bac de ramassage hybride 45L


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Batterie au lithium 40V

Compatible avec toute la gamme GR40, une batterie pour une gamme complète de machines.

Hauteur de coupe réglable

Le levier central permet d'ajuster la hauteur de coupe de 25 à 75mm.

Large bac de ramassage

Le bace de ramassage de 45L vous permet de passer plus de temps à tondre sans constamment avoir à le vider.



Largeur de coupe

Hauteur de coupe

Bac de ramassage


Fiche Technique
Surface de tonte 700m²
Moteur Brushless Oui
Puissance 40V
Batterie 4.0A
Temps de Charge 80min
Autonomie Jusqu’à 25min
Hauteur de coupe 25-75mm
Système de coupe Lame affutée au diamant
Largeur de coupe 40cm
Bac de ramassage 45L
Poids 16.8kg
Contenu du colis

x1 Tondeuse sans-fil LM G40A

x1 Bac de Ramassage

x1 Batterie 40V/4Ah

x1 Chargeur


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Avis Clients

LB C20

The equipment performed as promised and is well worth the cost.  Excellent garden tool - remarkably simple to put together and use, excellent quality build. Lightweight but strong enough.


What a great piece of kit! I am not very tall, so the telescopic tube is fantastic for reaching to cut the high hedge. It has a great extension and the head pivots so I can trim the top of the hedge easily too. Extremely easy to use straight out of...

Compact 280R

I bought this robotic mower for my boyfriend as a Christmas present. He has been wanting one for a while now and this was much more in the suitable price range in comparison to others. The instruction manual was really...


This mower is easy to use. It’s very sturdy although light to use. It comes with a substantial battery and charger. The height adjustment is simple to use, and the cutting diameter is ideal for our large lawns. By far the best of...

LM G32 + LT G30 Cordless Lawnmower

Works very well. Light weight and great to not have any wires, so much quicker to do the job. Battery came charged and used it to mow and strim the garden without it going flat. Nice close cut on number 3, the grass was quite long but didn't need to keep...

EW U15

This Yardforce pressure washer surpassed all my expectations. The pressure washer is very easy to assemble and in very little time, the instructions were also very useful and easy to follow. For me this is the best pressure washer I have used by a long distance, due...


Just what my husband needed for cleaning our caravan no more up and down ladders to change water does the job in half the time.  Now found jobs around the house outside e.g. The car slabs the neighbours were so impressed at least 4 were going to buy one. We saw this...